Are you trying to re-wire something in your home or office building yourself? Do you know when it is time to get an electrical permit when working on projects? And do you know when it is time to call a trained electrician? Working with electrical wiring or devices is a serious task that can lead to severe injuries or create further building issues if not properly taken care of. Make sure you know the difference between doing it yourself, needing a permit, and calling an electrician.

Small Projects are Okay to Complete Yourself

If you are working on small projects like changing a lightbulb, you can do that without requiring further permits. When working with electrical wires or devices, a good rule of thumb is that it is okay to replace something with a similar model. So replacing a damaged outlet, light switch, or light fixture is okay. You can replace approved fuses, defective breakers, existing garbage disposals and dishwashers, or similar devices that are 30 amps or less.

It’s Time for a Permit

It’s better to be safe than sorry and go through the necessary guidelines when working with electrical devices. If you are working on any of the following projects in your building or office space, you should apply for an electrical permit:

  • Installing or altering any permanent wiring or electrical device.
  • Running additional wiring in your home.
  • Installing a new electrical outlet or light fixture.
  • Installing a receptacle for a garage-door opener.
  • Converting from a fuse box to circuit breakers.
  • Installing or altering low-voltage systems, such as security alarms, stereos, or computer systems.

Call a Trained Electrician

Larger projects like a new wiring installation or an electric panel upgrade cannot be done on your own. You should rely on MSHA certified electricians who will ensure your family and employees are safe in any building. It can be tempting to take on more than you can handle, but please refrain and call an electrician instead.

Overall, if you do not feel safe or comfortable completing a project by yourself, even if you can get a permit, contact an electrician. Working with electricity is never as easy as it seems. Unless you have experience, even doing things that seem as simple as installing a new electrical outlet can be challenging. There is a reason that becoming an electrician requires so much training.