After what felt like the longest winter, it is no surprise that many people want to figure out the lighting options for their outdoor patio this spring. Warm weather makes all of us want to go outside and enjoy the temperature. Whether you are gardening, grilling, spending time with friends and family, or watching the pets and children play, having a patio space that is well put together makes the outdoor experience better. Lighting options can create the ambiance you are looking for in your outdoor patio space.

Light Up the Paths and Walls

One way to really brighten up your outdoor space is by using path lights. If you have a walkway near or leading up to your patio, try adding path lights along it. You can even try using solar-powered lights so that you do not have to deal with complex wiring. They are easy to install and require little to no maintenance. However, keep in mind places that sunlight is blocked in because of bushes, trees, etc. To receive the most benefits, place your path lights in areas free of obstructions.

Another way to light up your patio space is by installing outdoor wall lights. Wall lights quickly brighten up the area and come in a variety of color options. You can choose a style that matches yours so you can create a cohesive, cozy space. They are also great to use if you want to highlight a particular part of your landscape even after the sunsets.

Keep the Hanging Lights Trend Going

We do not foresee the trend of using hanging lights in outdoor spaces going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you add hanging chandeliers to your outdoor space or string lights, the trend is still going strong. When adding a hanging outdoor chandelier, make sure you follow the necessary safety requirements. For string lights, they are easy to install, and you can be creative in where you place them. They are a relatively inexpensive lighting option, making them an attractive choice for those re-doing their outdoor space.

Smart Lighting Options for Outside

Many people are finding ways to upgrade various parts of their living spaces to smart home technology. Another way to do that is by upgrading your patio lighting to smart lighting options. Whether you want to upgrade all of your bulbs or take advantage of technology that can connect to your phone to light up your space, there are several options. Switching to smart lighting options makes your space easier to use and is a great conversation starter when friends or family members are visiting.

As we get excited about springtime and warm weather, consider making your home’s outdoor space match your style with various lighting options. Using different lighting options outside can create dimension in your space and create an irreplaceable ambiance. If you need help installing any of your new lighting fixtures, contact Nies Electric today, and we will send our trained electricians to assist.