security system can ease your mind and improve the safety of your home. Once you have an alarm system activated for your house, you have to keep up with maintenance to ensure it stays working the way it should. 

According to, without conducting routine inspections and maintenance, you might be living with a false sense of security. Prevent break-ins from unwanted people by following the list of tips we have curated to keep up on any home alarm system.

Check the Simple Things Regularly

One way to keep up with your home security system is to walk the perimeter of your house. Inspect all your windows to make sure they are locked. Inspect outside door frames to check for signs of rotting or corrosion. If any door frames have signs of wear and tear, they are more susceptible to tampering. 

If you have alarm sensors on windows or doors, check them often. These sensors are often stuck on with an adhesive, which can fall off after time. Any wireless sensors should be tested if they are still running because just like any other device, the batteries can wear out. If you notice any are not working, try switching the battery. If that doesn’t fix the problem, it might be time to replace the sensor. 

Test the Control Panel Often

Your alarm’s control panel is essentially the heart of the whole system. If the control panel has something wrong with it, your security system won’t work as intended. Control panels have a “test” mode that can be activated to run a self-diagnostic to ensure everything is working correctly within the system. It is important to let any monitoring service know if you go into test mode, so they don’t alert the police.

Inspect the System Annually

Completing tests and checks for your security system yourself is helpful, but it is also important to hire an expert to inspect your system at least once a year. A trained professional will run more intensive tests on your security system to ensure everything is running properly. They can even replace or fix things on the spot if it is not working the way it should. Annual security checks will prevent small issues from turn into something more significant, which can save you money on costly repairs.