Motion detectors are basically like an extra set of eyes on your home to make sure you stay safe. It can be challenging to decipher where the best location of a motion detector is on your home. However, it’s crucial to place them where they will have a clear line of sight to intruders. You can think of motion detectors as a form of home security, which can give you peace of mind. Here are tips for spaces you should avoid when installing detectors and what areas are optimal in both your home and yard.

Where Not to Install Motion Detectors

Because motion detectors need to have a clear line of sight, avoid placing them behind any large furniture. If placed on the side of a large piece of furniture, think about the possible shadows the furniture could be casting. Shadows can cause “blind-spots” for the motion detector, which is the last thing you want. Avoid placing sensors around stairs and doorways because your pets or door opening could trigger the alarm system.

We also don’t recommend placing motion detectors near a heat source or an air vent. Some motion detectors use a difference in temperature to detect intruders. So, if there is a sudden change in the environment due to heating or cooling, it could set it off when unnecessary.

Avoid putting outdoor motion detectors in the garage. Because many motion detectors rely on heat, avoid spaces with non-controlled temperatures. You should also avoid places that get too much direct sunlight, but still be careful of casting too many shadows.

Best Places for Motion Detectors

The most recommended space for a motion detector is high-trafficked areas. For example, prime spaces include the path outside your house to get to the door or the hallway that leads to the rest of the house. Try to stick detectors in corners six to eight feet up to get a birds-eye view of your place without being too high up.

If you have any entryways in your basement, it is essential that you place a detector down there. Basement windows and entrances are commonly used for intruders to break in, so ensure your safety by placing your sensors down there. For outside placements, motion sensor lights are very common and useful. Placing lights in a space that would be seen from inside the home is helpful. Research has found that motion detection lights are one of the most beneficial ways to ward off intruders.  We recommend adding lighting to your walkways as well to ensure you can see firsthand if any intruders or unwanted pests are around.