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Home security systems don’t always have to break the bank. While it is vital to invest in a few security items, there are simple things you can do around your home to feel safer. Only 36 million American households have home security systems. Don’t be fooled into believing it won’t happen to you, and try these simple home security DIYs to maximize your security.

Inside the Home Security Tricks

Many households have peepholes as an easy way to see who is knocking on your door before answering. However, many people forget about the importance of having a peephole cover. Peephole covers are an easy way to ensure no one is looking into your home, and you can do this project yourself. Add a small sliding door that can cover it or a thick piece of fabric that cannot be seen through.

Investing in a home automation system that will alert your cell-phone is a great way to increase your security. They are easy to install yourself and are especially great for those who have a busy schedule that requires them to be away from home all day. Some systems even allow you to manage the locks on your house while you are away. If the electrical work is extensive, call the experts at Nies Electric.

DIY Hacks for Outside the Home

It is very common for people to have a spare key outside of their home. If you keep one outside, the best place to hide it is in a windchime. Robber’s worst-nightmares are anything that draws attention to them, so they will leave a windchime alone. Try placing a windchime somewhere on your front porch to store a spare key in. Another security hack that will bring attention to any intruders is motion detecting lights. If someone is walking around your home, you will be alerted by a simple light turning on outside.

If you have a garden or flower beds outside your home, consider adding prickly plants to your yard. Garden plants like intimating, thorny shrubs or cacti are a quick deterrent against burglars. They don’t want to mess with a house that would be hard to get away from. Adding tall shrubs around your yard can also increase your privacy because it makes it harder for others to see into your yard.

DIY home security tips are all great ways to keep your home safe. However, it is still recommended to invest in a home security system that will protect your family and your prized possessions. If you need help finding a system right for your home, contact Nies Electric today.