When it comes to baby proofing your home, one of the first steps is installing covers on the electric outlets. This seems effective for a short while until your toddler can get around and wants to get into everything. Teaching your children about electrical safety and how to prevent injury is important. Here are a few tips to offer your children to educate them about the potential dangers of electricity.

Teach the basics about electricity

Children are naturally curious. They want to understand the world around them, which also includes your electronics and how they power up. Sit down your child and educate them about electricity and that it’s how their electronics and such work. These devices receive their charge and energy from electrical outlets. Also, let them know that electricity is very powerful and that it can cause burns and shocks. Be honest with your children about the reality of electricity and the dangers it contains.

Most electrical outlets installed in residential buildings are tamper resistant. Tamper-resistant outlets prevent electrical injuries because all prongs of the outlet need to be inserted simultaneously in order for a connection to be made. This makes it a little more difficult for children to accidentally hurt themselves around electrical outlets.

Equip them with tips on how to safely use electricity

It’s not necessary to scare your child so they’ll not become the victim of an electrical shock, but tell them how to safely use electricity. Show them, once they are old enough, how to proper plug in and unplug electronics from an outlet. Let them know that certain conditions like water amplify electricity so to avoid plugging electronics or using electrical devices near water. Instead of instilling fear in your child, answer their question and their curious musings.

Addressing electricity outdoors

We sometimes forget that electricity isn’t only a danger inside our homes. Outside there are electrical lines, utility poles and electric substations that children see every day and become curious about. Educate them and tell them how electricity is associated with each of these things. Again, equip them with easy tips to follow such as avoid electrical lines when playing outside and never play in or near an electric substation. Like indoor electronics, water should not be near electric devices or toys. Also educate your children to not climb electrical poles.

Let them know you’re there to help Sometimes children get into trouble because they didn’t want to get into trouble or bother their parent. Let your child know that you would rather they approach you for help than get hurt. Emphasize that if anything odd or peculiar happens that they should find an adult if you are not near.