The days are finally getting longer, warmer, and just generally more pleasant. This can really just mean one thing: spring is here! You’re probably getting the kids’ bikes out of the garage, trading in the snow blower for the lawn mower, and swapping sweaters for long sleeve tees. Aside from all the other wonderful things spring has to offer, it’s also a transitional time between heat and A/C. With that in mind, here are a few springtime energy saving tips:


Open Windows:

This first one is perfect if you don’t have any pollen allergies. Let some fresh air into your house and keep it cool during the strange temp changes that spring can bring. As a bonus, you’ll also get to hear the birds chirping as they return home!


Service Your A/C Unit:

Routine maintenance can reduce your energy consumption by up to 15%. Clean or replace the air filters or schedule a professional inspection. Check refrigerant levels and clean evaporator coils.


Install Window Treatments:

You can buy energy-efficient blinds, shades, and other coverings can keep the sun and heat out of your home when the temperatures rise. As a bonus, you’ll give your living room an updated look with new window treatments!


Be Smart with your Thermostat:

Programming your thermostat to a higher setting when you’re not home can reduce energy costs by about 10%. You can turn down your water heater to save some energy as well. Use ceiling fans to keep the air flowing so you’re not tempted to turn on the A/C if it’s not necessary.