Spring cleaning can mean a lot of things to many people. Some focus on yardwork while others deep clean everything in the house. For other people it could mean cleaning out the garage or downsizing your closets. Many people tackle different DIY projects both in and outside of the house during the spring cleaning mania. While some projects are perfect for the average DIYer, electrical work is not one of them. To prove the sentiment, here are a few reasons why DIY electrical work is never worth the risk:



Seriously, we can’t stress this enough. Even when you’re an educated, trained professional you can still easily electrocute yourself. Don’t take the risk. You could harm others as well. You can seriously damage your home or property from an electrical fire.


Legal Ramifications:

Without knowledge of the ins and outs of electrical installation, your work could fail to meet code. Any electrical professional carries licensure and formal education. By performing the work yourself, you could actually be breaking the law which can mean fines and danger. Suppose you rewire an outlet in your home and then you have a houseguest who gets injured as a result. This can cause financial ramifications as well. The guest could sue you and because you didn’t use a licensed professional, it’s likely that your insurance won’t cover the claim. Insurance issues could also arise if your DIY work created a house fire. Without the proper contractors, you run the risk of taking on the financial burden entirely.


Something else to consider is that many projects require building permits that can only be attained by a licensed professional.


If you’re considering any DIY electrical projects, contact Nies Electric and let us take a look first!