The lighting in your home can create a vibe, good or bad, so creating a lighting setup that fits your style is essential. Many homes have outdated lighting fixtures or poorly lit spaces, and it can be hard to know how to fix that. Many trends come and go in the lighting world. Here are some of the most prominent lighting trends in 2020 that are easy to incorporate into any space.

The Simpler, The Better

Simple, minimalistic lighting fixtures are very in right now. Matte black is known as the new ‘neutral’ for lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights, you name it. It is effortless to match with various decor styles, making it very popular amongst interior designers. Clear lighting is also very in. Adding string lights or a few hanging exposed Edison bulbs can add dimension to a space and give off a modernized look. Geometric shaped pieces are another simple way to add dimension to a room. Not only are they simple, but they even add to the decor of the room.

Use Layers

When deciding on new lighting fixtures in your home, make sure the lighting you choose is useful and adds layers. Right now, having several lighting options in rooms is very popular. Having things as simple as a solid ceiling light, a lamp or two, and even string lights can add to your room’s ambiance. However, make sure the lighting is useful. You do not want dark lighting in your kitchen because it would make cooking difficult. Add layers by having a ceiling light, and maybe some lights installed under cabinets or above the sink. Modernized lighting trends should still be practical.

Add Smart-Home Features

Whether you are a fan or not, smart-homes are becoming more popular. Introduce your home to small smart-home features like lights that connect to your phone or just even dimmable switches. Adding a few lighting smart-home features will not only help you stay modernized but will also make your life easier. Nies Electric can help you implement any smart-home devices or lighting fixtures. Contact us today.