The lighting in the spaces around your home can alter the atmosphere of each room. Whether you are looking for lighting options for interior rooms, basements, or even a fun game room in your home, there are several factors you should consider for the lighting in each. Lighting not only allows you to brighten up the spaces, but it also creates the vibe for the room. Having too little lighting might make the area feel dark and scary while having too much could cause headaches. Follow these tips on how to light up the rooms in your house to keep them welcoming and functional.

Lighting for Interior Rooms

When picking out your lighting options for interior rooms, consider having a variety of lighting types. If the space you are lighting up is a living room, consider having overhead lights on your ceiling as well as tabletop lamps. This way, you can choose which lighting option you want to have when using the space. Having a combination of lighting options makes the space more functional. Install the tabletop lamps next to a chair or a couch so when you are sitting down and enjoying your favorite TV show, the lighting option is right next to you. If you have high ceilings, it is recommended to place some lights on the walls and the ceiling so the space does not feel too large or overwhelming.

Light up a Basement
Similar to lighting up your interior rooms, when choosing light fixtures for the basement, you should consider a variety of options. Natural lighting in basements can be scarce, so having a combination of lighting can allow for the room to be bright. Recessed can lighting is recommended for basements because it lights from above and is not obtrusive to the room. Basements often have lower ceilings, so you do not want a large chandelier hanging down. Pair your recessed can lights with standing lamps that hover above your sofa to add dimension to the room. You can also get creative with your lighting options and put hanging lights on the walls or get light-up signs depending on your interior design wishes.

Game Room Lighting

When decorating a game room in your home, you can have a lot of fun with what you want to put in the room. Game rooms typically have fewer lighting options, but you can still brighten the space with fun wall-hanging light-up signs. It is also common for gaming rooms to have dimmable lights. This way, you can have an overhead light but adjust it to your needs depending on what you are playing. Installing dimmable light switches can be pretty easy to do, so it is a fun way to upgrade your existing light fixtures as well.