We have all had the dreaded walk to the circuit breaker box after short-circuiting the lights in our home or a wall plug-in. It happens every once in a while. However, have you ever walked down to your circuit breaker, and it did not work? Or did you have an outlet stop working without even be used? Chances are, you could have a faulty circuit breaker that needs to be replaced. While circuit breakers are made to last a long time, after a decade of use, they need to be repaired or updated just like most things in your home. How do you know if it’s bad, and what do you do if it is?

Signs Your Circuit Breaker Needs Replacing

If the breaker is constantly tripping, there might be a device that is causing it to overload. Identify what circuit breaker aligns with the outlet. Unplug all devices from the outlets and reset it. If the problem still occurs, it is time to call an electrician to look at your circuit breaker.

Sometimes circuit breakers do not trip but still have signs of needing to be replaced. If you notice your circuit breaker is hot to touch, has a burning smell, or has visual damage like black or burned materials, it is time to replace it.

Circuit breakers do not always cause electrical issues within your home. Sometimes problems are caused further in, so always be safe and contact a professional electrician to examine the circuit breaker and decipher what is causing the problem. Electrical work can be dangerous, so always be safe and contact a trusted electrician.

How to Fix a Circuit Breaker

If a professional electrician has deciphered that you do need to replace your circuit breaker, there are ways you can repair or update yourself. Before starting, turn off all branch breakers, the main breaker, and do not assume the power is off, test the voltage to ensure there is no electricity coming through. Once you have double-checked that the electricity is off, you can screw off the old breaker, insert the new breaker, and attach the circuit’s load wire onto the panel. If you are not comfortable replacing the circuit breaker yourself, our electricians at Nies Electric are more than happy to help.

Circuit breakers do not solve all electrical problems in your home, but it is a priority to ensure your breaker works properly. If you have an outlet or light tripping often, even after resetting the breaker, call a professional electrician to check your home. Keep your family safe and prevent trips to the circuit breaker box.