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In November and December, cities often witness a twelve percent increase in electrical usage. The higher electrical use is linked to the increased amount of time people are home because of school breaks and holiday lights. After Black Friday, many people bring out their holiday lights for the season. While holiday lights are a great way to spread cheer for the season, they might be impacting your power usage, utility bill, and can even lead to electrical shortages.

How Much Power Do My Holiday Lights Use?

There are several types of holiday lights that people use outside of their homes during the season. The Washington Post shared their research on how much power various types of string lights use during a 45 day period of time with the lights running twelve hours a day. The lights that will impact your power usage and utility bill the most are old-style incandescent bulbs. A string light of 25 incandescent C9 bulbs uses 175 watts of electricity, which would be around $15 extra on your electric bill.

The best type of lights to have on your lawn for the lowest amount of electricity used is the C9 LED’s, which uses only 2.4 watts of electricity and will impact your bill by 21 cents. Holiday lights are a fun way to decorate the outside of your home, but it does not hurt to be conscious of how much electricity you are using. By switching out the old-style bulbs for newer ones, you’ll be helping the environment and saving yourself money.

How Do I Avoid Holiday Light Electrical Shortages?

We all have a neighbor who thinks “bigger is better” when it comes to holiday lights, and if you don’t, it might just be you. However, electrical overloads are very common in the holiday season because people do not always account for how much power a circuit can hold. Standard household electric outlets have circuits that are rated for 15 amps of electricity. The amp rating tells you how much power the outlet can hold without overloading it. Adding up the amps of your holiday lights is an easy way to ensure you don’t overload your circuits and create an electrical overload.

Holiday lights are a great way to decorate your home in the holiday season. However, it is essential to make sure you are using your circuits correctly and safely. If you are worried about electrical overloads, contact a certified electrician at Nies Electric. We will ensure that you are abiding by safety standards while having a beautifully decorated house.