There are not many things worse than going out to start your car on a freezing morning, only for your battery refusing to start. Although, your electricity going out because of ultra-cold temperatures might just top that feeling. Have you ever wondered why cold temperatures affect your electricity? Electric systems consist of many parts that work best in mid-range temperatures, much like your vehicle. When our cars age, parts stop working, and this happens similarly to our electrical systems. In extreme weather conditions, electrical systems cannot always keep up. However, there are steps you can take to prepare for possible outages.

Winterize Your Home Beforehand

Sometimes electricity going out is entirely out of our control. Oftentimes when the weather affects electricity, it is block or citywide. Get yourself ready for any possible outages by winterizing your home by stocking up on essential supplies. Get yourself batteries for various items around your house like flashlights, battery-ran heaters, carbon monoxide detectors, etc. In the winter, try to have bottled water on hand and non-perishable food items. Grab yourself a phone charger that will work in a car or a portable charger that you keep charged at all times. Always try to have a full tank of gas in your vehicle in case you will need to travel elsewhere or charge your phone.

What to do During a Power Outage

There are ways to protect yourself when a power outage occurs in the winter. Do not use stoves to warm up your home, as they can easily create a fire. Keep your freezers and refrigerators closed to prevent the items inside from thawing out or going bad. When the electricity does come back, have everything in your house unplugged to prevent electrical shortages. Utilize all the items you prepared beforehand when winterizing your home. Do not use your phone unless necessary to keep the battery going in case of emergencies. If it is safe to do so, you can also leave your home and go to a secure location to get heating and electricity.

In the case of an electrical outage that is not city or block wide and has been caused by something within your electrical system, call the experts. At Nies Electric, we have qualified electricians who are trained to find issues within your system and repair it, so you have electricity again in no time. Electrical outages in extreme weather conditions can be dangerous, so make sure you prepare beforehand and stay safe during.