We have all set off the fire alarm once or twice because of burning something in the kitchen. While we might get annoyed by the alarm going off, we must keep up on maintenance for the devices. Did you know that you should be checking your fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors monthly? Most people are unaware of how often the two need to be checked. However, they are both essential to keeping you and your family or roommates safe. The process of checking them is straightforward, even if it is often overlooked.

To test your home alarms, press the button on the alarm, and it should make a loud alert sound within a few seconds. If it does not make a noise, that is a sign of needing a new smoke or carbon monoxide detector. There are other warning signs of needing to update or replace your alarm that could save your life one day. Having a working smoke detector in your home can cut your chances of dying in a fire by half. Keep your home safe by knowing the signs of when it is time to update your home alarms.

Know the Expiration Date

While smoke and carbon monoxide detectors do not necessarily expire, they do need to be completely replaced after some time. If you keep up with the routine maintenance of your alarms, they should last between seven and ten years. You can check the manufacture date on your device by removing it from the wall or ceiling and looking at the back of the device. If it was manufactured over ten years ago, you definitely need to update your device. If you need to replace your outdated alarm, make sure to check your state’s requirements because some states require a specific type of alarm. You can even consider purchasing a smart detector, so you have the added safety of knowing if something goes wrong while you are away.

Signs of Damage on an Alarm

If you are doing your monthly checks on your detectors and find that one of the devices is not beeping, the batteries might need to be replaced. However, sometimes with a change of batteries, it still does not work. If this is the case, make sure to replace your device immediately. Sometimes smoke and carbon monoxide detectors go bad sooner than the manufacture date, and that is why it is essential to check your devices monthly.

Protect your home and family from the possibility of home fires and carbon monoxide in the air. If you need help determining if your home alarms are up to code and working correctly, you can always contact a professional. At Nies Electric, we strive to keep your home and family safe. Do not forget to check your alarms monthly and update them as necessary.