With the housing market expected to change and shift in 2019, it’s more important than ever to stay competitive and to anticipate any challenges that may arise when the time comes to sell  your home. As the winter months creep in, most people aren’t necessarily putting their houses on the market right now, but now is the perfect time to start preparations for when you do plan on listing your house this spring.

Home inspections can be scary and no one wants to hear the phrase “electrical issues.” Electrical problems can be an easy fix or they can be a huge problem. Either way, it’s something that, if caught early enough, can be dealt with prior to listing your house. To help take away any surprises, here is a list of common electrical problems that inspectors look for:


Faulty Wiring:

The danger in faulty wiring is that something as simple as outdated or poorly maintained wiring can cause an electrical fire in your home. There are warning signs you can look for to help you identify any issues. Be mindful of any flickering, buzzing, or dimming lights. That can indicate a wiring problem. Make sure that none of the wires are frayed or chewed and that any wall outlets don’t feel warm. If you notice any of these things or smell an odd or burning odor, be sure to contact an electrician.


Insufficient Power:

In older homes, inadequate power can be an issue. People simply didn’t require or use as much power as we do now. You may find that the amount of electricity you’re using to power everything inside and out of your home just isn’t possible given the way your electrical system is set up. If lights dim when you turn on an appliance, it’s definitely time to contact an electrician.


Improper Outlets:

It’s important that your outlets work the way they should. They shouldn’t overheat or be too loose, and some older homes may not have enough outlets. Without enough outlets, the system can get bogged down and overloaded, increasing the risk of fire.

If you’re planning on selling your home come spring, or you just purchase a home and have noticed some of these issues, it’s a good idea to contact Nies Electric before anything happens or things get worse.