Just because the wiring in your home or business is old doesn’t mean it’s faulty. However, if your wiring has gone bad, addressing it should be your top priority. Left unaddressed, faulty wiring can be extremely dangerous, posing a risk of sparking and even electrical fires.

But with most of your building’s electrical system hidden behind a layer of paint and drywall, how can you tell if your home or business’s wiring is bad?

Signs of Bad Wiring

Loose or Hot Outlets

If you notice your outlet covers are hot to the touch while plugged in, immediately unplug the appliance. Get a professional to assess the problem—this may be a sign of bad wiring.

If your electrical outlets are loose, move around, or pop out when plugging something in, you’ve got another problem on your hands. In addition to being a major fire hazard, loose outlets can lead to sparks and shorts and may eventually become entirely detached from their wires.

Rodent Infestation

If you have a rodent infestation in your home or business, have your electrical wiring examined after the exterminator is finished. Rodents tend to chew through wiring, leading to fires and other electrical issues.

Scorched Outlets

Walk around your building and take a good look at your outlets. If you notice any scorching, discoloration, or smoke, that’s a big sign that the wiring in your home or business has been damaged and may be releasing heat. If left uncared for, this could lead to more extensive damage.

A Burning Smell

A burning smell in your home or business is never a good sign. There are multiple electrical problems that could be causing this smell, as well as other odd odors. Whether it’s a faulty socket, rainwater in your switches, or faulty wiring, enlist the help of a professional if you can’t find the source of the smell.

Lights Flickering

Like burning smells, consistently flickering lights in your home or business may be a sign of faulty wiring. They may have been improperly installed or damaged due to age—either way, it might be time to have your building rewired.

Strange Buzzing Sounds

If everything is working properly in your home, you shouldn’t hear a thing. However, if you hear strange noises or buzzing coming from your electrical outlets, this could be due to frayed wiring or loose outlets. If it is coming from an outlet, immediately stop using it and call an electrician to fix the issue.

A Frequently Tripped Circuit Breaker

This can happen when too many appliances are plugged in at once. However, if this is a frequent problem, then your electrical circuit may be overloaded and your wiring may need some attention.

What To Do if You Have Bad Wiring

If you suspect bad wiring in your home, the next step is to contact a professional electrician for an inspection and repairs. Never try to fix electrical problems by yourself unless you have professional training.

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