As the colder months creep closer, it’s time to think about how we’re heating our homes this fall and winter. Electric heating is often overlooked as an expensive option compared to the gas-fired water heating. Here are three reasons why you should reconsider installing electric heating into your home. 

More efficient

First and far most, electric heating is a simple option for residential and commercial buildings. It’s widely available and affordable. Costs for electrical heating has also remained stagnant over the years compared to other heating sources. 

Furthermore, an individualized heating plan can be created for your home. Certain rooms can be wired with electric heaters, while others can be left vacant. This is an innovative way for home owners to save energy and increase efficiency within their home. Electric heaters are also easy to install and do not require intensive hours of fuel or ductwork prior to installation.


Unlike gas or fire sources, electrical heat does not require burning of any materials within the home. Similarly, no carbon dioxide is released which means that the home has better air quality. There is also no risk of gas leaks that can cause harm. Electric heating is a safer option for more homeowners because of the hazards and potential harm they avoid.


Unlike other heating sources, there are relatively few working waters in electric heating. This means that electric heaters are less likely to break and also endure wear and tear long. Furthermore, since there are fewer complex parts and elements in an electric heater, they are easier to fix if something does go wrong.

Electric heating is commonly misconstrued as the unreliable or expensive option for homeowners when the opposite is true. Electric heating is not only reliable, it’s relatively inexpensive, more efficient and a safer choice for homeowners.