Hiring an electrician can be a daunting task, especially when you aren’t sure what to look for. Many people don’t even know there is a difference between electricians. When hiring someone to fix any electrical work within your home, you’ll run into licensed and bonded electricians. But how do you know who to trust?

How to Spot a Licensed Electrician

Hiring a licensed electrician is an excellent way to ensure quality work that will pass electrical inspections and keep your family and employees safe. Licensed electricians are trained professionals who have earned their qualifications. These electricians will carry a card that states their qualifications. They must pass an exam to be licensed in their state, pass annual reviews, and always work according to safety guidelines.

Unlike certified electricians who may only work in certain regions, a licensed electrician can work anywhere in the state. To know if an electrician is licensed, ask to see their card. If they don’t have one on them, be wary of the services they might provide.

What is a Bonded Electrician?

A bonded electrician is someone who has taken the step to prove their stability to consumers. A bond is an insurance premium that guarantees an electrician to do the job and do it well. If a bonded electrician does not complete a project, they are subject to fines, which they pay into the bond company. This ensures that they will get the job done the right way and within a timeframe.

Electricians who are not bonded are often risky to employ. You will not have the same peace of mind that the job they do will be completed correctly. To ensure safety in your home or business, we recommend always hiring a licensed and bonded electrician.

When searching for an electrician, make sure it is someone you can trust. Electrical issues that are fixed incorrectly can be dangerous and require the help of another electrician. Get it right the first time at Nies Electric. Our electricians are bonded and licensed, so you can always count on us.