The Disney Movie, “Smart House,” was an iconic film made in 1999. Back then, the idea of a computerized house was unrealistic and felt years ahead of its time. However, while we don’t have surrogate smart mothers, we do have plenty of smart home features. In 2020, smart homes became more popular because of how often we were all home.

From Alexa and Google Home, to controlling your thermostat and lights from a mobile device, many households have integrated some smart home features throughout their lives. If you’re looking for more features you can add to your home to increase conveniences, comfort, security, and energy efficiency, here are the 2020 trends in smart home technology.

Centralized Technology

A few years ago, the trend for smart home technology was to have a control system within the house. Now, we can control everything remotely, whether in the house or hours away, through your mobile device. Whether it’s turning on music, lighting, security, water, air conditioning, or any other remote access technology, people want to control it from their phones. So, when picking out technology, make sure it’s compatible with your device, so you don’t have to worry about having several remotes.

Smart Rooms

To some, a smart home could be an overreach or seem overwhelming. If you’re new to the smart home technology world, creating rooms within your house that are smart home accessible could be a better option. This includes the kitchen, where you can implement a smart refrigerator that can tell you recipes while you cook, pair a shopping list with your phone, and remind you when your filter needs to be replaced.

You could even create a smart bedroom by adding a personal AI device like Google Home, remote control lighting and fans, or a sleep tracker. A sleep tracker is a pad that you can put under your mattress that monitors your sleep cycle, heart rate, and even snoring patterns, and will report back to your phone to review your data in the morning.

Decorative Gadgets

One massive trend in 2020 is including smart home devices that add to your home’s aesthetic. Thin wall TVs and framed TVs have become very popular this year. Along with televisions that fit your vibe, people purchase more sleek gadgets that can blend in or match the color scheme in a room. If you’re buying new technology, we recommend buying items that will match your decor. You won’t just increase your conveniences and comfort, but also your home’s ambiance.

If you are adding smart home technology that requires an electrician, contact us. We can wire your home to pair with new gadgets that will make your life easier, but we can’t make a smart mother.