More people are scared of the dark than you might think, and it never helps when you’re outside and the sun goes down. Many people who don’t like being in the dark have equipped their lawns, gardens, and outdoor spaces with landscape lighting. But is landscape lighting just for those who don’t like the dark? No! People equip their lawns with lighting fixtures for a variety of reasons, from safety and adding a decorative flair to security purposes. Adding lighting to your outdoor space could be worth the cost.

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Promoting Safety in the Dark

Landscape lighting is especially beneficial for those who get home at a later hour because it can prevent tripping on uneven paths or falling down the front patio stairs. Outdoor lighting allows you to see where you are going and prevent injuries. Lighting fixtures can help you see unwanted visitors on your lawn like deer, raccoons, or skunks and can keep you safe from added harm.

Adding a Taste of Your Style Outside

Many people are attracted to outdoor lighting because it allows them to showcase their aesthetics outside of the house. Using decorative outdoor lighting can create focal points in your outdoor space. Outside décor can be as simple as adding a set of string lights on your front porch to boost curbside appeal.

Providing Home Security

Some people opt for landscape lighting to increase their home security. Home security should be taken seriously, and adding motion-activated lights can easily offer that safety blanket. Motion-activated lights will turn on if any intruders are walking around your lawn after dark. Having outdoor lighting deters burglars because it rids them of the cover of darkness. NPR states that having motion detection lights are one of the best ways to turn away burglars. 

Types of Landscape Lighting

There are many different forms of landscape lighting with which people prefer to equip their outdoor spaces. Many people will opt for rope and string lighting, outdoor torches, and lanterns when trying to achieve a decorative look. Those looking to increase the safety in their outdoor space will often use a combination of pathway lighting, stair lights, and outdoor wall lights. Floodlights and motion-activated lights are often utilized by people looking to increase security for their homes. For further security needs, contact us today, and we can equip your home with a security system that works for you. 

Overall, deciding if landscape lighting is right for your outdoor space is up to you. Whether you are scared of the dark, want to increase safety measures, or just want to bring a bit of your style outside, landscape lighting serves multiple purposes. With landscape lighting, you can feel much more confident when the sunsets.