If the crazy fluctuations in weather and temperature of the winter and spring are any indicator, we can probably anticipate a similar summer. This means we’re probably in for some higher than average heat waves. Combine that with the undeniable humidity customary from the Land of 10,000 lakes and it’s safe to assume energy bills will probably be a little scary this summer. Those bill can really add up. To help combat some of those energy bills, here are a few energy saving tips for summer:


Time for a Tune up—Schedule regular A/C maintenance to optimize efficiency and avoid breakdowns. Spring is the ideal time to schedule this as many people have their heat off and have yet to turn on the A/C.


Wash your clothes in cold water. Be sure to clean out the lint trap after every dryer use. Your clothes still get just as clean and, as an added bonus, you don’t have to separate lights and darks!


Keep your shades drawn, even during the day. This will block out the sun and prevent it from heating the entire house. If you want to enjoy the sunshine, you can always head outside! Some window treatments are designed specifically for energy efficiency.


Use your fans. You can stay cool with a nice even breeze flowing through the house.


Set your thermostat to a reasonable temp. Keep it just cool enough to get that humidity out of the air. Let the fans do the rest!